Aircraft Management

Many years of experience in the Russian and International business aviation market have allowed the company’s management to create the most effective model for operating business aviation aircraft . This operating model implies a whole range of services combined in a different system way that allows you to achieve almost ideal conditions for the operation under your requirements.

The Form of operation of the Aircraft

There are two main forms of operation of business aircraft: commercial and private.

Commercial operation of business aviation aircraft allows you to fly not only the Owner, but also to sell Charter flights to third parties in order to make a profit to cover the operating costs of the Owner’s flights.

Private operation involves flights exclusively by the Owner and his close associates.

Private operation of aircraft can be also performed either as part of Commercial operation (a company that has a License to perform commercial air transportation), or by any Management company that takes responsibility for controlling the operation and organizes all necessary procedures related to the operation of the aircraft.

Registration in the aviation register like  the Isle of Man or San Marino for private flights removes a number of restrictions and requirements that are simply necessary for the commercial operation, which allows you to significantly reduce the cost of aviation personnel, annual certification of the airline, aircraft maintenance , etc.

The registration procedure in the listed aviation registers does not take a long time and the cost is much lower than registration in Commercial operation or registers of European States, but in the same time give the high level of safety.

The Base airport  of the Aircraft

An important issue is the choice of base airport  of the aircraft for the operational availability of the Owner or his representatives to perform flights. BJET has experience and can perform all the necessary procedures for the organization of aircraft basing in almost all airports of the Moscow air Hub, as well as in the European Union.

At the request of the Owner, it is possible to organize parking of aircraft in heated hangars.

The company’s engineers can perform the maintenance of the aircraft in the base airport (interior cleaning, draining and refilling fluids and water, preparation of aircraft for flight, etc.), engineering specialists can carry out a number of technical works, repair or periodic inspection of the aircraft directly in the Parking place.

The administrative staff of the company conducts all contractual and payment relations with the administration of the base airport on behalf of the Owner, in order to reduce the cost of operartional and obtain a number of preferences.

If the aircraft is located outside the base airport for a long time, the company’s specialists monitor and perform long parking procedure directly at the transit airport to avoid additional cost for ferry flight.

Optimization and centralization of all operating costs in transit airports

BJET offers an existing tool for optimizing and controlling all expenses, as well as timely payment for all services. This tool is different aviation payment cards that are recognized by a large number of airports. The scheme of operation of this system is simple and very effective – when planning a flight to the airport, the company’s specialist contacts and finds out the most preferred agent for providing service at the airport, the crew gives a payment card as payment before departure and all invoices will be sent to the company issuing the card , and the company also pays for all services. At the end of the reporting period (week, month), this company issues a consolidated report and one shared invoice, which is paid by the owner.

The uniqueness and advantages of this system allow you to promptly pay all service bills at transit airports, as well as have objective control and a clear understanding of all upcoming expenses. An additional advantage is the availability of discounts on card service at a number of airports, which allows you to significantly optimize operating costs.

Organization of Aircraft Maintenance

The organization of aircraft maintenance in Russia and abroad, consist of different technical support of the aircraft to avoid any AOG ( aircraft on ground ) situation, increase level of safety and maintenance cost control .

Our way of technical supervision – the use of attached engineers who are fully responsible for the technical condition of aircraft. The engineer maintains all documentation for the aircraft, performs line maintenance at the base airport, as well as when performing heavy ( periodic ) technical forms, he is present at the technical center and personally monitors works, cost of spare parts and consumables. This form of aircraft maintenance allows you to reduce the cost of maintenance by 15-25 %, compared to operating without an engineer.

In the same time level of safety is increasing and quantity of AOG situation is decreasing, which protect owner for situation when he or she cannot fly.

Flight personnel

An important component of operational are flight personnel, qualified pilots who are able to professionally and safely perform a flight anywhere in the world.

Solid experience in the business aviation market allowed BJET to accumulate a solid database of resumes of the best pilots in Russia and Europe. If necessary, the company’s specialists can arrange retraining of flight personnel in leading aviation training centers in Europe, USA or Canada. When performing flights in the interests of the Owner, it is necessary and important to trust the pilots, which keep your live in own hands. Our crew is a guarantee of safety, loyalty, confidentiality.

The selection and training of flight attendants is also carried out directly with the Owner, since the passenger will have to communicate directly with this employee during the flight, and mutual sympathy is very important here. All flight attendants are selected with good and long reputation in busines aviation . BJET pays high attention to the professional training of flight attendants which are an integral part of the flight crew and in case of an emergency, this crew member is responsible for the safety and security of passengers.

Aircraft Insurance

The experience of working with leading insurance companies in Europe and Russia has allowed BJET to receive premium contracts for many insurance cases, which significantly reduces the cost of aircraft operational and increase protection for any additional cost of aircraft repair after damage.

Organization of Aircraft operation

BJET offers professional management services for busines aircraft. Most of the services can be combined under one definition-operation management, which includes planning the optimal use of the aircraft, taking into account the owner’s plans, maintenance periods and flights performed in the interests of third parties.

A team of professional managers accompanies the flight from the moment of receipt of the request until the end of the flight. All stages of receiving an application, calculating expenses, requesting and obtaining air navigation permits, submitting and passing through all communication channels of the flight plan, ordering and approving airport services at the departure and destination airports, delivering the crew on Board, technical preparation of the aircraft for departure, delivery of on-Board meals according to an individual menu, meeting the Main passenger, performing the flight, meeting and organizing crew accommodation – all these stages are tracked to the minute and at every moment of time, all the company’s staff clearly knows what has been done and what still needs to be done, and most importantly, the timing of all stages. Only such a system can achieve the most efficient operation of the aircraft in such a way that the customer will always receive identical service at a high level.

Financial statements on Aircraft operation

As a management company, BJET maintains separate accounting records for each of the aircraft under management, which reflects all financial activities directly or indirectly related to the operation of the aircraft. The Finance Department receives all invoices, analyzes them, adds them to the General database, and analyzes them for validity, cost validity, and statistics. At the end of the reporting period, the Owner receives a full report on all expenses related to the operation of the aircraft, all invoices and other documents confirming the expenses are attached to the report.

At any time, the financial statements can be fully provided to the Owner or his representatives for audit and verification of compliance with confirmation documents (copies of receipts, invoices, statements, etc.). Statistical reports allow you to analyze the company’s activities and all expenses from all sides and in any context. If desired, you can get a full analysis of the operation for a year, six months, or a month, analyze direct and fixed expenses, calculate the average cost of flight hours depending on the average annual flight, or see the cost of a particular flight. You can also analyze expenditure statistics by groups of expenditure categories (how much was spent on fuel, catering, etc.), identify the most expensive items and the least expensive, etc. The company’s financial statements are mainly aimed at ensuring full transparency of the aircraft operation and obtaining an objective picture for the Owner to analyze and plan future periods.