Technical Support

BJet together with the leading aviation technical specialists from Russia, Europe and the USA provide technical support on most Business and General Aviation aircraft. We can help you to organize technical support and maintenance at any stage of your operations either from the very beginning when you just think about buying an airplane or when you already have airplane flying and would like to enhance your technical state.

Our specialists were trained at world’s top technical training centers, manufacturer’s maintenance training schools and have the ability and appropriate licenses to provide adequate technical support of aircraft registered in different aircraft registers (American, Russian, offshore and etc.).

Utilizing our accumulated knowledge we can provide the following services:

  • Aircraft acquisition support, audit and technical acceptance of brand new Aircraft of any type — judging from our previous experience even when you buy a factory new aircraft there shall always be a great number of uncompleted parts, hidden defects, items not completed according to the Contract and discrepancies that may affect the introduction of the Aircraft into flight service;
  • Aircraft Registry in the chosen Registrar. We can provide you support and consulting services in preparation of all required documentation and supervising the process of preparation and later registration of Aircraft;
  • Airworthiness status supervision — our specialists have solid experience of technical supervision in Engineering Departments of major airliners and business aircraft operators. They shall be able to provide you with proper control of airworthiness status of your aircraft;
  • Audit of technical Agreements for technical support and maintenance in the leading OEM centers and control of execution of all terms and conditions of the Agreements. We cooperate with the leading centers of maintenance support for Business and General Aviation aircraft and our long standing relationship with the management of those centers allow us to achieve the best results;
  • Organization and certification of technical assistance companies for maintenance support services according to EASA and FAA standards – we have broad experience in opening and certification of line maintenance stations and certification under Part 147 Maintenance Centers;
  • Supervision of aircraft technical exploitation – this kind of supervision, support and defect rectification by our engineers shall reduce the costs of technical support and shall enhance the safety of operations which in turn shall reduce the costs of heavy maintenance and down-time due to major defects and breakdowns;
  • Independent technical audit on the Aircraft status – our specialists are standing by to carry out an independent technical inspection of the aircraft and to give you the full picture of the aircraft status. This kind of services shall enable you to reduce the down-time at maintenance centers, or shall let you know the real picture and state of the aircraft before you shall make the final decision to acquire it and later shall provide you with lower maintenance costs.