Company news

18 2009

18 of August The Aviation day


19 2009

Independent audit and analysis of the possible form of Hawker 1000 aircraft operation within the territory of the Russian Federation


14 2009

BJet representatives visited annual business aviation exhibition EBACE 2009 which was held from 12-th till 14-th of May in Geneva, Switzerland


Aviation Personnel Recruitment

Aviation personnel search and recruitment
Successful flight and technical operation of any aircraft always directly tied with the qualification level of the personnel that services that aircraft. Qualification level, experience and knowledge gained over years of servicing the same machinery and aircraft as well as all-round education and expertise that allows avoiding a lot of mistakes and miscalculations during the aircraft operation and servicing.
Existing deficit of trained personnel that can operate and service Business Aviation and General Aviation aircraft hits all Operators and places them in need of constant lookout and search of qualified personnel as well as providing measures for keeping and upgrading the existing personnel. Sometimes the task of finding the right pilot or qualified engineer simply unsolvable since there are neither available candidates that already have the training and are able to start working on the next day from signing the Contract nor available candidates for initial training!
BJet Company is cooperating with the worlds leading aviation training centers and top recruiting companies from Russia and Europe. Broad and long term experience in General and Business Aviation allows our specialists to choose the right candidates for any open vacancy, arrange recurrent and initial training in the top aviation training centers (Flight Safety, CAE and etc.) almost in any available and required slot.
We understand your urgent needs in highly qualified and trained personnel and put all our efforts and maximum expertise in assisting you and making you happy with the choice that we shall find and train for you!

For aviation and technical personnel we can offer wide variety of initial flight training (AB Initio) in Russia, as well as in the leading training centers of the world; programs of license conversion and/or validation; assistance in acquiring the right training literature and training software. Consulting services for pilots, flight engineers, flight navigators, aviation mechanics and avionics specialists.