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The Lineage 1000 was based on the Embraer E-190 passenger aircraft. The main difference between the Lineage 1000 and the E-190 is the additional fuel tanks at the bottom of the cargo hold, which almost double the range of the Lineage 1000. The new fuel system is compliant with the latest SFAR 88 safety regulations and is clearly integrated with the latest Honeywell Primus Epic® avionics, which significantly reduces the amount of work for pilots. The business jet cabin is also famous for its relaxed interior, divided into five sections, including an extra bed, a bathroom and access to the luggage compartment. Another notable feature is the largest fuselage cross-section compared to other comparable business jets such as the Gulfstream V and the Bombardier Global Express. The Lineage 1000 is capable of transatlantic flights, flights over deserts and difficult terrain. Thus, the operational range of a business jet is increased everywhere. That is why the service of renting private jets of this type has now become quite popular.

  • Flight range, km: 7778
  • Maximum number of passengers: 19
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 820
  • Length, m: 36.20
  • Width, m: 28.70
  • Height, m: 10.60


The Airbus A 319 CJ is a long-haul passenger aircraft developed from the Airbus A319 medium-haul passenger aircraft. The aircraft was built as a European alternative to the Boeing Business Jet, Bombardier Global Express and Gulfstream V aircraft. Unlike the Boeing Business Jet, the Airbus A319CJ was created with minimal changes to the aircraft design. Airbus says this makes it easy to turn the A319CJ into an airliner and increase potential resale value. In 1997, the aircraft was first shown at the Paris Air Show. The first finished aircraft was assembled in Hamburg at the DASA plant in October 1998. In May 1999, the first flight was made, and certification was planned to be completed by the end of 1999. The first delivery to the buyer took place in November of the same year. Subsequently, the air forces of Italy, France and Venezuela, Taiwans Eva Air and Qatar Airways also became customers. In addition, this aircraft is widely used in business aviation.

  • Flight range, km: 11100
  • Maximum number of passengers: 50
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 33.84
  • Width, m: 34.09
  • Height, m: 11.76

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Boeing Business Jets (BBJ or BBJ 2) are upgraded versions of the popular Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation and Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation respectively. improvements and sales of the corporate version of the popular Boeing 737. The first BBJ left the Boeing Renton factory on August 11, 1998, and the first flight took place on September 4 of the same year. On September 30, he received US FAA certification for the Boeing 737-700 body design on which the BBJ is based. The first fully completed BBJ was delivered on September 4, 1999. The BBJ combines the next generation of Boeing 737-700 airframes with reinforced wings, central fuselage bays and wheeled landing gear from the larger and heavier Boeing 737-800, as well as 3 to 10 additional fuel tanks. The cabin of such a business aviation aircraft is spacious (its area is 75 square meters) and equipped with the most innovative technology, which provides passengers with an unsurpassed level of comfort. The cabin of the Boeing Business Jet 2 is 25% more spacious than the cabin of the BBJ and its cargo capacity is twice that of the previous modification. And flight schedule accuracy is one of the best in the industry. There are currently 86 BBJ aircraft in operation worldwide. These liners spent more than 199,100 hours in the air and made more than 81,000 flights. Renting a business aircraft of this model is very popular for various flights over long distances.

  • Flight range, km: 11362
  • Maximum number of passengers: 50
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 33.63
  • Width, m: 35.80
  • Height, m: 12.50


BBJ2 is based on the Boeing 737-800. Due to the increased cabin area, BBJ 2 liners provide free movement and provide maximum space for comfortable accommodation of up to 50 passengers. Renting a business aircraft of this model is very popular for various flights over long distances.

  • Flight range, km: 10334
  • Maximum number of passengers: 50
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 39.50
  • Width, m: 35.80
  • Height, m: 12.50


The Bombardier Global Express is a high-speed, high-capacity business jet designed for use on very long haul airlines. The Global Express is a new class of ultra long distance business jet. Its rivals are Gulfstream V, Boeing 737 BBJ and Airbus A319CJ. Designed to fly long distances at high speeds, the Global Express offers easy and fast travel between any two locations on the globe and requires only one refueling stop. It can easily make non-stop intercontinental flights such as Sydney-Los Angeles, New York-Tokyo, Taipei-Chicago. The development of Global Express was announced in October 1991. at the annual NBAA conference in the USA. The official launch took place on December 20, 1993, and the first flight was made on October 13, 1996. July 31, 1998 Canadian certification was awarded, and US certification took place in November of the same year. The first delivery to customers was made in early 1999. The Global Express has the same fuselage intersection and length as the Canadair Regional Jet, but despite the same size, the directionality of the aircraft is different. The Global Express features an improved 35° supercritical wing, a new T-tail, and BMW Rolls-Royce BR-710s FADEC engines. The state-of-the-art cockpit has 6 Honeywell Primus 2000 XP EFIS screens built in, with an optional overhead instrument panel. Three Bombardier teams are involved in the creation of the Global Express – Canadair designs and manufactures the nose of the Global Express aircraft; Shorts is responsible for the design and manufacture of the engine nacelle, horizontal stabilizer and front fuselage; and de Havilland, which is responsible for the final assembly and construction of the rear fuselage and tail. Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries assembles the wings and center fuselage bays in Nagoya. Now such business aviation aircraft are used almost all over the world.

  • Flight range, km: 11390
  • Maximum number of passengers: 19
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 950
  • Length, m: 30.30
  • Width, m: 28.65
  • Height, m: 7.57


The company has 2 Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft of 2012 and 13 at its disposal. A significant difference between the Falcon 7x is considered to be high-speed wings, which are 30% more efficient than other models of long-haul aircraft. The power reserve and extra lift of the Falcon 7x wing make it possible to take off with large masses of fuel and make long flights, even if the point of departure is a high-altitude airport.

  • Flight range, km: 11020
  • Maximum number of passengers: 14
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 904
  • Length, m: 23.19
  • Width, m: 26.21
  • Height, m: 7.83


Реактивный самолет бизнес-класса Bombadier Global 5000 это уникальное сочетание комфорта, скорости и наиболее технологически продвинутого салона среди аналогов. Global 5000 имеет максимальную скорость 0,95М и может совершать беспосадочные перелеты из Москвы в Нью-Йорк на скорости 0,85М. Бизнес джет оснащен Электронной Системой Салона, включающей в себя сервер с развлекательной опцией и высокой скоростью соединения

  • Дальность полета, км: 9630
  • Максимальное число пассажиров: 16
  • Крейсерская скорость, км/ч: 904
  • Длина, м: 29.50
  • Ширина, м: 28.70
  • Высота, м: 7.70


Global Express XRS features unrivaled performance and long haul capability. XRS is certified for high-altitude airports, and with the built-in Bombardier Enhanced Vision System, landings will be soft and smooth.

  • Flight range, km: 11389
  • Maximum number of passengers: 14
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 904
  • Length, m: 30.30
  • Width, m: 28.60
  • Height, m: 7.60


The G500 is a more recent than the Gulfstream G550, yet less expensive modern modification of the popular flagship Gulfstream V. It is also certified to carry 19 passengers, equipped with a spacious kitchen, bathroom and comfortable chairs that can be converted into a place to sleep. This business jet does not provide crew accommodation, which can accommodate up to 18 passengers.

  • Flight range, km: 10742
  • Maximum number of passengers: 16
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 29.40
  • Width, m: 28.50
  • Height, m: 7.90


The Gulfstream G550 is truly a marvel of modern technology. Each advanced feature enhances environmental awareness, reduces pilot workload, enhances your safety, promotes aircraft profitability and ensures aircraft reliability. An aircraft capable of ultra-long hauls and economical even on short hauls, the G550 makes it easy to see that it helps save time. The most remote locations in the world are becoming easily accessible, and a flight from one city to another, located on the opposite side of the world, requires no more than one refueling. Its large, efficient wings and hull, its powerful engines simply leave nothing to be desired in terms of performance, even in hot weather and at high altitude.

  • Flight range, km: 12501
  • Maximum number of passengers: 18
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 29.39
  • Width, m: 28.50
  • Height, m: 7.87


The fastest dedicated business jet capable of flying the longest distances, the G650 makes it easy to convince that it saves time. Imagine flying from Los Angeles to London at 0.90 the speed of sound – or from Shanghai to New York at 0.85 the speed of sound. Powerful engines and the advanced design of its elongated swept wings and hull make the world’s most remote locations easily accessible. Enjoy the agility, safety and added protection of a Gulfstream aircraft. An advanced interior management system with touch controls and an intelligent telephony interface gives you intuitive, effortless control over your cabin environment.

  • Flight range, km: 12964
  • Maximum number of passengers: 18
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 904
  • Length, m: 30.40
  • Width, m: 30.36
  • Height, m: 7.82


The Bombardier Global 6000 is an amazing aircraft from Bombardier Aerospace. It is an improved modification of the aircraft of the Global family and is designed to immediately replace its two predecessors in the Bombardier product line: Global XRS and Global 5000.

  • Flight range, km: 11400
  • Maximum number of passengers: 16
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 950
  • Length, m: 30.30
  • Width, m: 28.70
  • Height, m: 7.80


Falcon 900DX and Falcon 900EX aircraft are quite similar in their characteristics, but differ in flight range (900DX – 7593km, 900EX – 8332km). The additional tank on the 900EX is installed in such a way that it does not reduce the volume of the cabin. Thanks to the advanced three-motor system. The Falcon 900DX and 900EX handle all types of weather with ease, significantly saving time and travel for private jet charter customers.

  • Flight range, km: 7255
  • Maximum number of passengers: 14
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 850
  • Length, m: 20.21
  • Width, m: 19.33
  • Height, m: 7.55


The Bombardier Challenger 850 has occupied a special niche in business aviation due to the optimal combination of comfort and versatility of an administrative jet with the reliability of a passenger airliner. The interior is the widest in its class and allows for a variety of layout options. Specifications allow the Challenger 850 to fly non-stop. All this makes the Challenger 850 rugged, powerful and efficient in operation the benchmark in business aviation.

  • Flight range, km: 5206
  • Maximum number of passengers: 15
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 819
  • Length, m: 26.77
  • Width, m: 21.21
  • Height, m: 6.22


Legacy 600, despite its large dimensions, is a highly maneuverable business jet capable of landing at the most difficult airport in Europe – London-City with a short runway. In addition, the longest passenger cabin in its class (with a height of 1.83 m) ensures the free movement of passengers “in full height” during the flight. The cabin of the business jet is equipped with a spacious kitchen, a bathroom and transforming comfortable chairs.

  • Flight range, km: 6019
  • Maximum number of passengers: 13
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 790
  • Length, m: 26.33
  • Width, m: 21.17
  • Height, m: 6.76


It’s the perfect combination of elegance, comfort and performance, offering a high-end private and business flying experience. With this luxury business jet you will get impeccable style, advanced technology and reliability for your air travels.

  • Flight range, km: 7408
  • Maximum number of passengers: 12
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 893
  • Length, m: 20.9
  • Width, m: 19.6
  • Height, m: 6.3


Challenger 300 is a medium-sized jet designed for transcontinental flights. The aircraft has a high cruising speed, economical fuel consumption, wide cabin, stylish interior, air conditioning, vibration control system, satellite communications, as well as a CD/DVD player and Airshow system. The Challenger 300 is not only a high-speed vehicle, but also the epitome of unique comfort and the highest quality.

  • Flight range, km: 5741
  • Maximum number of passengers: 9
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 870
  • Length, m: 20.92
  • Width, m: 19.46
  • Height, m: 6.20


Cessna Citation X is a business jet developed by Cessna Aircraft. The aircraft is designed in such a way that air resistance is minimal, while speed and efficiency, in turn, are maximized. The cabin of the aircraft is considered a special pride of the designers: exceptionally comfortable seats, a mini-bar, a spacious wardrobe, a toilet room and a large luggage compartment. Due to unsurpassed comfort and amazing flight performance, the presented business jet is in great demand among small businesses.

  • Flight range, km: 5686
  • Maximum number of passengers: 10
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 973
  • Length, m: 22.04
  • Width, m: 19.48
  • Height, m: 5.86


The Hawker 750 is a luxury business aircraft designed for business. The basic configuration of the Hawker 750 model provides seats for 6 passengers, but it is possible to expand the cabin, after which the number of seats can increase to 15. The cabin has video monitors, modern communications and a sound system. The maximum cruising speed is 863 km / h, the distance that the aircraft can master is 4074 km. The Hawker 750 comes standard with a Honeywell Aerospace GTCP36-150 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that meets all high-altitude requirements.

  • Flight range, km: 3919
  • Maximum number of passengers: 8
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 793
  • Length, m: 15.60
  • Width, m: 15.65
  • Height, m: 5.51


The Learjet 45 is a light administrative aircraft developed by Bombardier Aerospace. This business jet is a combination of economical fuel consumption, high reliability and maintainability. The comfort of the cabin for 8 seats is provided by standard double club chairs and a flat floor. The aircraft is equipped with a toilet room, a wardrobe and a kitchen area that functions as a bar.

  • Flight range, km: 3763
  • Maximum number of passengers: 50
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 859
  • Length, m: 17.56
  • Width, m: 14.56
  • Height, m: 4.31


Cessna Citation CJ1 is an executive business aircraft developed by the American firm Cessna Aircraft Company. The CJ1 has a design that almost completely repeats the Citation Jet, but contains some innovations. Cessna Citation CJ1 is a light general-purpose administrative aircraft that allows taking off and landing on airfields with a short runway. The interior of the CJ1 was created by the same design team that designed the more expensive interiors of the Citation series. Straight, calm lines, high-quality finishing materials and a small but comfortable interior will ensure a pleasant stay or work on the road.

  • Flight range, km: 2408
  • Maximum number of passengers: 5
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 706
  • Length, m: 12.98
  • Width, m: 14.30
  • Height, m: 4.19


Premier 1A is a representative of small class business jets. Built on the basis of the latest technology and meets all the requirements of its class. An aircraft manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, combining the optimal balance of range, speed, economy and comfort. Renting private jets of this type means convenience and reliability.

  • Flight range, km: 2519
  • Maximum number of passengers: 7
  • Cruising speed, km/h: 854
  • Length, m: 14.02
  • Width, m: 13.56
  • Height, m: 4.67