Private aviation options expand

The other day, the Gulfstream G800 successfully completed its first flight – thus, a flight test program for a new business jet using a mixture of environmentally friendly jet fuel has started at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.

The test aircraft has the longest range in the Gulfstream fleet at 8,000 nautical miles (14,800 km) at Mach 0.85 (7,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.90). Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines with increased traction are distinguished by significant efficiency.

The Predictive Landing System warns pilots well in advance of potential runway deviations. Composite view head-up displays increase pilot awareness and provide access to more airports around the world.

The cabin is designed to accommodate up to 19 passengers and offers up to four living areas. The plasma-ionizing air purification system neutralizes 99.9% of bacteria, spores and odors.

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